MacBook Air as a kitchen knife

Without a doubt, the Apple MacBook Air laptop has a number of different options. One of the most obvious of these is its thickness, which is 17.3 mm and 11 "and 13" models.

Now, it seems, has become a trend in the world to find a new use MacBook Air, other than iTunes or start surfing the net. There are people who use the MacBook Air as a kitchen knife.

A few videos where the MacBook Air is used as a knife, came from some Japanese. In one of the rollers, in particular, MacBook Air is used to cut an apple.

Although there are commercials, where a laptop is cut mushrooms, shrimp and Chinese cabbage. On YouTube you can find other videos with cutting MacBook Air, including corn, carrots and some meat.

Some people use a laptop and for cutting bread.

Without a doubt, if not in proximity to the knife, then use it as a MacBook Air in a way you can. But, you see, the use of a laptop with a price of $ 1,000 (or more!) For cutting food and may also be very expensive exercise. It is hoped that no one would guess they chop wood or nail.


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