Facebook Ver 1.5 Expected In January O9 For BlackBerry!!

Interesting news for all Facebook users, Facebook version 1.5 is expected in this january 09 for Blackberry application. As we hope facebook 1.5 has a lot of cool features including the ability to invite and accept friend requests, upload pictures on-the-go, and live status updates for all of the friends on your list.

Facebook for BlackBerry version 1.5 is due out in the first month of 2009, and with it comes a whole whack of new features including deeper integration with Facebook and more. New features in Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry include:
* Access & Manage Facebook Phone Book - view friends phone numbers, request friends phone numbers, publish your phone number and even add numbers to your BlackBerry address book.
* New Account Creation - create a new Facebook account directly from your BlackBerry.
* Facebook Birthday & BlackBerry Calendar Link - automatically import & link friends birthdays to your BlackBerry Calendar.
* Facebook Event Calendar & Blackberry Calendar Link - save Facebook events into your BlackBerry Calendar. Facebook events will be a different color and an event reminder notification can even be set up.
If this wasn’t enough good news, Facebook 2.0 for BlackBerry is in the works for later in 2009.

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Source (IntoMobile)


mira101 said...

what about facebook chat? will that come soon or does it already exsist but i dont know about it... let me know how i can acccess it.

xpantherx91690x said...

February 19.....still no 1.5. I expect 1.5 in June and 2.0 in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Yes Facebook chat - that is a great point to make. This would be brilliant or another applications just for FB chat. Like BBM.

digital maalang said...

FaceBook is still not available :(

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