iOS 5 Gold Master will be released between 23 and 30 September

Concord Securities analyst company Min-Chih Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) became aware of the fact that near-final version of the mobile operating system iOS 5 will be released in late September 2011 - between 23 and 30 numbers of the first autumn month. It is a version of the Gold Master, which traditionally heralds the appearance of the final version of the software driver. According to experts, to test the latest beta version of iOS 5 takes 10 to 12 days, after which your iPhone and iPod Touch will be officially install the new OS.

Information from the analyst is combined with the latest information on what the iPhone 5 based on iOS 5 will be available in early to mid-October 2011.

Program shell iOS 5 was shown at the June 2011 WWDC. Since it was released 7 Beta firmware versions, the latter was published in late August 2011. According to the publication CNET Asia, testing a new version of the operating system from Apple was held longer than usual.

Developers promise of Cupertino in iOS 5 200 new features. This will be the first operating system that can operate autonomously, without a computer, tuning to a specific device using iCloud-sync. OS has a new center notifications, built-in Twitter, the new camera features and much more.


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