Guide to your new printer

Guide to your new printer

When you need to buy a printer you will be greeted by a seemingly endless amount of product features and specifications . To make it as easy as possible, here are a list of the most common printer types and their properties.

Laser Printers

Known for their ability to produce sharp results , speed and low cost per page . Laser printers use a photographic drum which rolls over every page and transmits the text / image by melt / burn it on paper. Most laser printers print in black and white, and is best suited for text and simple graphics. Recently, several color laser printers come onto the market and has dramatically reduced the price of color printing. Laser directed most to individuals or small businesses.

Workgroup Laser Printers

Designed for small offices or groups, the basic technology is the same as for a laser printer. Workgroup lasers , however, were tailored to multiple users . They support network printing , offering more advanced handling, have greater input and output trays, and usually feature duplexing , sorting and stapling . They also have a faster processor and more memory.

Inkjet Printers

By far the most common household printer inkjets are versatile and inexpensive . Images are produced by a focused stream of ink droplets from a cartridge to the paper. Inkjets can produce rich text and razor sharp images for a fraction of the cost of laser. The process is much slower than laser printing, as inkjet printers are usually best suited for home or small business with a very mild load printer .

Multi - function or all-in -One Printers

All-in -ones combine printing , scanning , copying and sometimes they also have faxing capabilities in a single machine. Perfect for home office or small business , these printers can either be equipped with laser or inkjet . They're surprisingly affordable too, and a quality start device with inkjet printing will not cost much more than 600-700 kr or so.

Photo Printers

For those who print their own photos from home, a dedicated photo printer be a sound investment . Most photo printers use a process called dye- sublimation, which transfers the colored dye in a continuous stream from tape to paper over a number of laps , followed by a clear protective coating. Print quality is comparable to professional dealers with printing services and photo printer to print directly from a digital camera. Most models also supports external storage , including flash drives and memory sticks. These printers are much less than other desktop models and can not handle standard letter -size paper , they can not replace a traditional printer , and is only suitable for printing photos. Consumers should expect to spend at least 1 500 kr

Mobile Printers

Our increasingly mobile society has increased the popularity of portable printers. Because computers are now portable, it only makes sense to have mobile printing available too. Weighs not much and is just big enough for a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper , portable printers use color ink-jet technology to produce images. Print speed and quality are highly variable , but for those who really need printing on the go , this is a portable device an invaluable travel companion. Portable printers are not cheap , and if you need hands on some who are able to give you quality for money, then you will have to cough up around 2000 kr


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