finally shedding beta label from gmail

You will not surprise to know that gmail was in beta phase, and now after five successful years of gmail now finally beta label is removed from gmail. Adding more than 40 new features. As we wind down after a busy year, here's a look back at a handful of favorite additions to Gmail. Hope you enjoy trying them out as much as we enjoyed building them.


Marcel said...

Congratulations with this achievement and a happy new year to you all who made Gmail possible.

Ram said...

As a user of your premium mail services, I can say with confidence that you have some things to fix, and some things to add.

Fix these:
- Migration tools (from Domino to Google Mail). This works only sometimes, and fails almost all times.
- User and Group creation tools and API - these are too fast changing and the libraries and docs do not keep up with what's pushed out into production by your teams.

Support these:
- LDAPs integration for address books (e.g. corporate address books)
- Groups should come up in Address Bar searches (just like we can search for names from the Personal Address Book)
- Support Mail Encryption and Decryption - needed by lots of corporates.
- Support mail backups - will be of use to corporates

Ram said...

Those points that I mentioned earlier were more for corporates.

By itself, gmail has changed how I interact with people. I now look forward to more communication with colleagues and with customers.

You've done a great job :)

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