HTC has never wanted to compete with Apple

Speaking at the Mobile Future Forward conference in Seattle, acting president of the American division of HTC Fitcher Martin (Martin Fichter) expressed his views on several pressing issues of today. One of them concerned the popularity of iPhone.

According to the head, HTC has never sought to create a so-called "killer iPhone". The company has always focused on that audience, which is not interesting products Apple. "I've heard the term" killer iPhone "as many times within the company and outside it. When I hear it on the internal meetings, I say, 'Look, there's a market for the iPhone". But I do not think that we will "kill "iPhone, because this unit is focused on a number of people with a certain taste. We're doing something else," - said the president.

As an example, Martin led video service Fitcher HTC Watch, which uses different methods of film distribution, compared with iTunes. Another original feature is the interface of HTC Sense UI, added the head.


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