New speakerphone from Jabra

Jabra Cruiser 2 promises optimum sound and usability entices with several new features.

Thinking Mon to replace his car handsfree, Jabra ready with Cruiser 2nd Speakerphonen is equipped with several including Caller ID, which can tell you who's calling, and exactly how the contact is created in your mobile phone (eg "Mommy Call" or "Martin Work Call"). Voice Guidance both guides the user through the setup process, as well as it informs the connection status and battery level.

In addition, the Jabra CRUISER2 an advanced Multiuse ™ technology which makes it possible to connect two Bluetooth devices to your handsfree device at the same time. FM transmitter allows you to send and play MP3 files from a mobile device to your car stereo system viadin handsfree.

Jabra CRUISER2 has Noise Blackout ™ technology that reduces noise from the environment without compromising on the quality of the voice. The strategically placed microphones can distinguish between background noise and the voice of the caller, which ensures optimal sound.

Key specifications of the Jabra CRUISER2 include:

  1. Bluetooth 2.1 technology, including EDR and eSCO
  2. Great sound with dual microphones and a powerful speaker
  3. Connects easily to your car radio via FM transmitter and send music or calls to car's speakers.
  4. Advanced MulitiUse ™ allows you to have two active connections on same time and switch between them when it suits you.
  5. Downloader quickly and easily your phonebook so you can get to know who is calling.
  6. Large volume button which is easy to operate, including a mute button.
  7. Auto pairing supported by instructions given by the speaker.
  8. Has the answer / end, redial and voice dialing *
  9. Voice Guidance in 9 different languages **
  10. There are included 2 chargers - a micro USB cable, so there can be charged via computer and a universal connector for the car that fits into the cigarette lighter.
  11. Up to 14 hours talk time and up to 20 days standby.
Jabra CRUISER2 is available online and at Telenor, TDC and Telia at a suggested price of $ 799


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