FrisMe - bling or scam?

Do you have 1,100 kr to spare you can become the happy owner of a 3D printed frisbee.
Belgian i.materialise launches FrisMe. FrisMe is - in short - ... ... a Frisbee.

What is special is that FrisMe constructed a 3D printer, making the adjustment possibilities are endless. Prices start at $ 215 for a standard model - it's about. £ 1,100 For $ 15 extra you get a custom model example. your initials.

FrisMe also available in gold, silver or chromium, but it costs extra.

If you really do not know what to do with your money, you have created a model based on a 3D scan of your own. It will stand you in $ 1,300 - excluding travel to Leuven!
What do you think? Is it P-Diddy-bling, or April Fool?

Judge for yourself: Check out the website hereand see the cute guys from i.materialise play with their FrisMe below


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