Android 3.0 ready for test in December

War on the tablet market starts in earnest year when Google Android 3.0. finally has a Tablet-optimized operating system will be on the street.

According to Digitimes, Google has told its partners to engineer versions of Android 3.0 tablets should be ready for testing in December.

Notebook brands such as Acer, Asus Computer and Micro-Star International all are expected to launch their tablets at the big Consumer Electronics trade show exhibition.

Samsung is also expected to showcase their Android 3.0 Galaxy Losses as High Tech Computer (HTC) and Motorola also expected to have their models at the show.

With Android 4.0. on the pitch in the middle of 2011, believe Digitimes sources that Android will be able to take market share from Apple on the tablet market.

At the same sources argue that the price of the Windows operating system will be around $ 50-60 dollars, while an Android license does not cost more than $ 10 In addition, Windows requires an Intel processor to run, but Android can do with the $ 30 cheaper ARM processor.

The only real competitor to Apple's dominance in the tablet market is therefore said to be Google. It will be interesting to follow udviklnigen next year.


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