Google's Orkut after 12 months

Another Year has gone and there are many things new happen in 2009. Let me talk about Google's Orkut today, lets have a look on whats new updates in Orkut in 2009.

According to Google's Orkut Official Blog ; they said that they've lots of exciting updates planned for 2010, they also mentioned that they would also like to hear about things that Orkut Users like to see. So, let them now (in your Comments) : what's your biggest wish for orkut in 2010? Please be sure to get in touch and tell us what's on your mind.

As you head out to celebrate the new year with your friends and family, don't forget to check out the orkut doodle that we've created in honor of the date:

Oh, and be sure to post the pictures from all your New Year's antics to orkut so that your friends can see what you've been up to.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.
Now It's Great i am wait for that.

Anonymous said...

goOd share = )

Stalin said...

Orkut chats need to be saved as in gmail....

Anonymous said...

The first thing I would like them to put there is... the option for mods and owners to create sticky post... rather than add cosmetic add on.. it been ages and I am still waiting for this feature... :( I am owner n mod,user of several communes with total user count of over 50,000+ users ... it is indeed sad..

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