IPAD Vs . The book

Will IPAD replace the book?

People have since the release of IPAD' a gone enormous lengths to also own one , ask themselves : " Will iPad along with other e -books , replacing paper book?

"According to new research , the answer is "No". This is good news because paper books are always to be seen as an important part of our culture.

Tablet versus textbook

Recently BookBoon , the world's largest publisher of free textbooks, conducted an investigation where they quizzed 3,000 Facebook fans with the question , " Do you really want to read your textbooks at a IPAD? " Think about it, youth , technology, all those heavy textbooks can be uploaded to a small and lightweight portable device with web browsing options , integrated video and interactive quiz options. It seems like a student's dream and BookBoon expected a different result than what they got.

The answer to study

" The answer came as a shock, "said BookBoon 's Marketing Manager, Edward Blake, "At first glance resembled IPAD a real game- changer for us in the publishing industry and therefore we expected indeed that feedback would be something like 99 % positive. Instead , we received an awful lot of negative feedback, as all had in common that they do not like to use IPAD to study, many of them supported by very strong arguments. "

One of the most common argument was that it was easier to concentrate on taking notes with a paper book. Another important point was that many exams allow the use of tools , IPAD is just not a part of these aids, while normal books . But that best summarizes the vast majority of arguments is a quote from one respondent who said , "It's one thing to read the latest Dan Brown novel with a IPAD half hours in bed, but it is quite another to read ' econometric analysis ' for eight consecutive hours at the library. "

So what about other books ?

Some time ago, I tried to read the new Harry Potter in PDF format and had not gone far before I gave it up . Reading is not just a collection of information , it is much more than that , it's a complete experience , a tactile experience. But there is nothing that can replace the joy of holding a leather - bound book in his hand , sitting comfortably in a chair while moving from side to side. The experience can not simply be replaced by " touch screens " .

But it is not only the experience, reading is something that we all have the right and IPAD is not cheap. What happens if we turn to e- readers and abandon our paperbacks ? Will the casual loading be a right for privileged few ?

Bow vs. IPAD

Although IPAD is a great new gadget and new tablets constantly hitting the market , everyone will do their best to make our society so high tech as possible by making it possible to read, surf the Internet, listen to music , etc. , paper book has still a very strong place in our society. Let 's hope it stays that way .


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