YouTube experimenting with live video

Over the next two days, the Google-owned YouTube complete an experiment with live video streaming. It reports the news agency Associated Press. The experiment started Monday. 17.00 Danish time and described as an "alpha test".

YouTube has already relayed some events live, including a concert by rock band U2 and the American President Obama's first speech to the nation. But YouTube has every time spent outside partners to stand for the technique.

Now, YouTube even build an infrastructure for live streaming. There are signed agreements with four content providers, Young Hollywood, Next New Networks, Howcast and Rocketboom, participating in the experiment.

Young Hollywood will stream live interviews with various celebrities, including skateboarding star Tony Hawk

But YouTube is far from the first to try it with live streaming video online. The biggest platform with 3.2 million unique users in July. YouTube had over the same month 142 million unique users.

YouTube has reportedly also plans to offer streaming of Hollywood movie on payment for most of the world.

In the U.S. it is already possible to rent a large selection of movies online and download them directly to your computer or cell phone from services like Netflix, but it does not work if you are outside the country - yet.


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