Endomondo: Fitness App for HTC

While jogging or doing cycling your mobile phones can be a your best exercise assistant with mobile fitness software. With a little mobile fitness app endomondo you can do alot with health fitness exercises. You can use your mobile or Garmin watch to track your running, cycling, and other sports. Endomondo is a free mobile application for tracking your exercise data . It is available for all sorts of mobiles from Nokia to Sony Ericsson for the iPhone and HTC products. A version for Google Android is also underway. See our Iphone cool apps post.

This fitness mobile phone application provides sports free gps tracking and running data right on your mobile The built-in GPS antenna and access to the Internet makes it possible to combine all your race data in a personal profile. Exercise mobile communications application is a fun way to be fit as you can even Compete with your friends and follow them live throughyour mobile

Endomondo Installtion and Features

fitness app for htc

  • To get Endomondo you have to visit Endomondo.com and create a personal profile, which will give you a link to download the program received as SMS.
  • Once installed Endomondo provides all details of all your exercise activities immediately sent to your Netprofiler.
  • What makes Endomondo special is that not having to struggle with personal information as height, weight, etc. on your mobile phone. This is entered instead of Netprofiler.
  • Before you start your daily exercise you have to start the mobile exercise applciation so that your GPS connection is logged into your profile. Then select the current physical form such. running, cycling, walking, etc.
  • While you can run your friends follow live online, and after the trip, the route can be found on a Google Map. Data from exercise such as average speed, tærrenhøjde, breaks, calories burned, etc. are automatically added to the current route.
  • Are you a part of a team or do you just exercise friends can share data and services between each other. Read more about


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