Dent of hackers in the Chinese Embassy's website

Moscow. Russian Embassy website put a dent in the Chinese hackers twice. Time, the mission to strengthen its cyber security Pezdi. Indian Embassy in Moscow at least two sources of cyber attacks from Chinese servers have been known to be concerned. But despite these sources claim that the hacking is no confidential information could be stolen, Kayoankijankahari like that is processed by computers that are stand alone, ie with hosts are not Juzde. Embassy Uanhoanne that local area network to the Internet and not directly Juzda has been strengthening its firewall. The only official website is the victim of hacking, which makes maintenance information unit. Visa and passport applications online via the website can be given. Sources say that to some extent affected the Indian Mbesi dot ru email ID and senior officials had been cloned in Domeal gmail dot com or.


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