Nokia: in 2010 less smartphone, but better.

These days, following statements made by Nokia in the Capital Markets Day, is much debate about future business decisions House Finnish, world's largest producer of mobile phones. To be discussed now is the declaration Antti Vasara, Head of Nokia's smartphones, which in 2010 will be presented to Half of new smartphones compared to 2009. That for the record, were about twenty. "We cut the distinction unnecessary in order to have a much more concentrated portfolio for next year," said Vasara, less products better quality hence. It 'a little' policy to follow, for example, by Blackberry, which is however a highly specialized producer. Could be the right choice for large numbers of Nokia? Yes, but attention to the market, at least according to analyst Pierre Ferragu of Bernstein Research, who said: Reduce the number of smartphone models make much sense, but Nokia should be careful to strike the right balance: its broad portfolio of products has been one of its competitive advantages in the past. " Increasing number of platforms, diversify the form factor, it rationalizes the range: therefore likely that each of these (approximately) ten new smartphones have own distinct personality and a destination.


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