Convert documents on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Outlook

Using has never been so easy to convert documents PDF or TIFF. mainly offers two tools to convert a document to PDF and TIFF:


Using any email account you eletronica convert a document simply by sending an email to "" attach the file. In less than a minute you will receive an email in response and attach your converted document.

You could have anything gesione email or online account Outlook and any program from your desktop. Of course if you use your mobile device to read and send emails you can safely use your iPhone and BlackBerry to convert documents.

By applying Bach File Converter.

You can use the distributed application from the web service to be installed on your computer and use to convert documents.

Conclusion is a great tool to always keep this in mobility with which you can convert a document anytime and anywhere. What used to convert documents? Qualsi used applications on your mobile device to convert a document?


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