Simply Travel Expense software for windows mobile

Simply Travel Expenses software is a completely integrated module for travel expenses (vehicles, notes, mileage). 2 programs are included. One for your PC.One for your SMART PHONE.

GET IT HERE: Simply Travel Expenses [ WM/Smartphone] : Version 3.00sp

All mileage must now be accounted for income tax purposes. Keep track of your personal mileage and business mileage with just a few clicks. Metric or Imperial Units, You can specify your data in miles/gallons or kilometres / litres. Know instantly how many times and when you visit a client.
Vehicle Information
Organize your vehicle identification information. Simply Travel Expenses allows you store the VIN and license plate number for each of your vehicles, so that it is on hand when you need it. Record vehicle insurance information. It is always wise to have your insurance company contact information on hand, in case of emergencies. Track servicing history whenever you perform scheduled servicing, you can enter it as completed, and Simply Travel Expenses saves the servicing record as part of the vehicles servicing history.
Print detail reports
Simply Travel Expense powerful desktop software allows you to print business travel expense and vehicle mileage reports for your taxes, also vehicle maintenance and service logs. Export your data to spread sheet programs such as Excel, and word processing programs. This allows you to create custom reports, in any format that you need. Just a few clicks will allow you to send your travel expenses in PDF format by Internet

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