Efficasoft GPS Utilities for windows mobile

Best-selling GPS software on Windows Mobile Smartphone! Real-time map navigation, digital compass, speedometer… ***NEW FEATURE - VOICE GO TO NAVIGATION!***

Efficasoft GPS Utilities for windows mobile/ Smartphone is the complete mobile GPS solution for Windows Mobile Smartphone. It’s the best companion for activities such as touring, hiking, geocaching… By defining a Go To list, you can even use it as a voice driving navigator!

Fully supports Windows Mobile Smartphone (2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6,WM6.1), QVGA (240×320) and landscape screen

http://www.efficasoft.com/images/gpsutil_gpsinfo.gif http://www.efficasoft.com/images/gpsutil_speed.gif http://www.efficasoft.com/images/gpsutil_imagemap_goto.gif

GET IT HERE: Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Smartphone : Version 3.1

  • Summarized view shows all your GPS information at a glance.
  • Digital speedometer with customizable speed alarms.
  • Two-mode digital compass with destination information display.
  • World map view displays your location anywhere in the world with free-scale zooming.
  • Free to use any map image (e.g. Google Earth satellite/aerial photos) for real-time moving map navigation. View your location, moving direction, track route, POI …
  • NEW! The new voice “Go To” navigation function can guide you all the way to your destinations, there’s dest. distance, TTA, direction guider, proximity alert… almost everything you want!
  • Customizable track logger can record all your movement in Google KML, GPX or CSV format for later replay or analysis.
  • Read More…Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Smartphone : Version 3.1


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