BlackBerry R47, also known as BlackBerry Knight or BlackBerry from Porsche?

Images BlackBerry R47 (Blackberry 9980) (first washed and then a decent quality) did not have time to enjoy just lazy. Now in the hands of enthusiasts turned out to BlackBerry whole video. But - what a BlackBerry R47, this device, sooner or later going to appear on the market or converted BlackBerry Bold 9900, issued for new development?

So far, no specific information about devayse not, but some interesting rumors about the product is still running. According to reports plying on the network, BlackBerry R47 has got a traditional RIM product code callsign «Knight» (Knight, mean), and the exterior design is engaged Porsche; possible, the product will be supplied to the market limited. Given rising around a mysterious smartphone noise, the audience can count on quick comment on most RIM.

Designed by design, but to lead the Porsche is definitely intriguing. The practice of bringing together teams of producers and designers to create limited edition smartphone is not so unusual. Of course, most of the resulting products had to put it mildly, a strange design in terms of the average consumer, but in the end, and such products are not for everyone, especially given the expected price for a device such as BlackBerry R47 (you do not think that this product will cost less than $ 2000?).


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