Search Engine Optimization VS Social Media Marketing

Companies are madly spending their budget on SEO of their online business and it seems like a war between the companies to get the top position in search engines. But here with the success of Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, we saw that they are become the major source of traffic. We now have a concrete example that we can run 5 times as much traffic to our site via social media marketing than search engine optimization. See the Image below:

Looking at the list of traffic sources you can see that reference sites are by far the largest party. Direct traffic also has a large share and search engines are hardly with only 2.23% and it is not much.

We know that some of the direct traffic also comes from linkedin facebook and twitter when drilled account to reveal this.

We have over the last 3 months been running the experiment and Batlle between SEO and SMM.

Social media marketing is a clear winner and you should consider the degree where your business is on the Internet.

Visit an independent site that tells you how your company website is located, see also the competitors. But first take a look at your own.

If you should be unfortunate enough to fall ill with can also correct this by responding to customers.

Social media marketing is here to stay, your customers are on these channels around. 50 minutes a day, a newspaper can only retain customers for 20 minutes and that number is declining.


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