How Page Rank and SEO Help Users to Find You

There is no use of that website which cannot be find by the users. Although if the site is well develop and more informative as compare to the other websites but is none of use if the user have no access to it. In this regard, you are surprised to know that Google can help you in finding such kind of websites, as we already know that search was start for the web giant back in 1996. As per the figures of Alexa (web Information Company) the Google is the world’s most used search engine. If your site is available on the Google than it is very useful for your website promotion. There are thousand of results appears on the Google if your site appear on the top results than there will be more traffic on your website. There is a question that how we do rank at number one in Google search? To answer this we have to look at the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), first of all we have to look at how Google works at a basic level.

Google began in January, 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both Ph.D student at Stanford University in California. The technology used by the Google is PageRank. The search engines ranked results by counting that how many times the search words appear on the page. The cofounder Sergen Brin says: “We believed we could build a better search. We had a simple idea, that not all pages are created equal. Some are more important.”

The criteria for a link rated as Important is kept a closely guarded secret by Google. There are many other criteria for the ranking of search results are used in combination with PageRank. The very important thing is that Google keeps all the details secret to avoid that anyone not effect search engine ranking results for particular site. So, the Google is very useful for the websites ranking. Here are some Google approved guidelines

1. Offer quality content and services:-

The quality content and service are the first step in achieving the good services. So, the PageRank rates sites linking to you.

2. Actively promote your site to create back links:-

By the use of social media, as well as related sites, you can spread the word of your site within any suitable communities.

3. Produce exclusive and correct page titles:-

Title is very important because it informs the users about the whole content available on the page and the Google search engine shows the subject of a specific page.

4. Make the most of the “description” Meta tag:-

In Meta Tag Google offer an overview of what the page is all about.

5. Make improvements to the structure of your URLs:-

Comprehend URLs will pass on content information quickly.

6. Place an HTML sitemap web page inside your site:-

The Google assists you in a way that it discovers each of the pages in your site regardless of the structure or navigation.


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