How To Make The Most Of Your BlackBerry’s Features

Make Your BlackBerry Personal

Buying a BlackBerry and not using all of its features is a crime. Take the first opportunity to change the BlackBerry’s settings and make it suit your personal needs. You can make it suit your requirements, your style and preferences in terms of looks as well. Let us see how to make some basic and some trivial changes in your BlackBerry. We prefer to refer to the BlackBerry 8820 for guidance. Hence, there might be some different menus on your BlackBerry.

Give Your BlackBerry a Makeover

There is no restriction on your choice of the font of the BlackBerry, you can change the way the text looks, the text in the menus and browsers etc. To do this go to the Home screen and choose the Settings option. Then select Screen/Keyboard option. You have a choice of 10 fonts and different font sizes. The text in the center of the Screen/Keyboard page shows the way the new text appears when you make the changes. Select the font and make changes in the Style and Smoothing features to finally make your choice of appearance of text.

Like in all latest mobile phones, you can change the Home screen of your BlackBerry and put a photo there. If there is a photo you want to be displayed and it is saved in your BlackBerry, go to the Media icon from the Home screen. Then go to the Pictures section and open My Pictures. Select the photo you want to be displayed and press the Menu key. Select Set As Home Screen Image option and you are done. If you want to reverse the process, select any photo in My Pictures and press the Menu button. Click on Reset Home Screen Image and you shall get what you want.

You could also choose a theme according to your taste. Just as the themes in Windows change the look of the operating system on a computer, the BlackBerry themes change the icons, the fonts, the background etc of your BlackBerry device. For changing the theme open Options and go to the Theme option. You shall be given the list of themes and a small preview of the corresponding changes that it has to offer.

The backlight of the BlackBerry consumes a lot of battery. When the BlackBerry is not used, or any key is not pressed for a particular number of seconds, the backlight turns off automatically. If this time period is too short, then you can change the time limit to up to two minutes. This is not recommended, though, as the backlight consumes a lot of battery power which is crucial at most times. You can lessen this time limit to 10 seconds. To make changes in the backlight time limit and the brightness, go to Settings and then Screen/Keyboard.

You can also configure your BlackBerry to turn off automatically at particular time limits according to your requirement. For this, open Options and then go to the Auto On/Off option. Set the time limits at which the BlackBerry should automatically turn on or off. If the Weekday and Weekend fields are not Enabled, the feature will not take effect.

You can create an AutoText entry for avoiding the trouble of typing the same words time and again in your BlackBerry keyboard. The AutoText option takes care of what you type and mends some mistakes you make. If you want to create your own AutoText entry, go to the AutoText option in the Options menu. Select the option and press Menu and then New. Feed the required word and the related replacement. Then press the Menu button and then Save to save and use the AutoText entry put in by you.


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