Google as the sole ruler?


In Denmark as well as internationally, dominate Google's search engine market. It is without doubt number one in the world, although some countries, like Russia, has a local search engine in the lead.

But the question is whether Google can maintain its number one status in the coming years or whether Google will be shot down? Will it retain its iconic status as Coca-Cola does, or create nostalgia in older films as Pan-Am Airlines is doing?

The Rise of Google

Google search engine was invented by two Stanford students in the mid-1990s. Microsoft did everything to buy the company but got no every time. The earliest beta version of Google became available to the public in 1998 and there after it went toward the top and Internet dominance, depending only during a few years.

Google ran away with the victory thanks to three simple things. The first was the quality and relevance of search results. Google made use of sophisticated algorithmic formulas that gift viewfinder better answer. Second, Google has exhaustively explored new ways to search the web. The introduction of image search and site searches made Google even more popular among its users. Last but not least, Google has used people's perception of the Internet to fulfill his destiny. They have transformed the network from a scholarly collection of research materials for a full fledged social media and a global marketplace. Google knew when to jump on the wagon Internet and how they must continually create new opportunities in cyberspace.

Google Darwinism

Google has the well to allow users to see and understand its search algorithm. This fact resulted in crafty users using the Google formula to get their websites to be seen as the first of the search engine. This has evolved into a huge industry and currently there are companies and wholly focused on ensuring that other firms will be found only by search engine.

Google did commercials funny, but they integrated them discreetly, so they are now a part of any website. This has totally changed how people use the network and the Internet is now used to find everything from information for school assignments for the family's next travel destination.


Although the Internet can be fraught with deceit, obscenity, deceit and madness, it has also been to an archive of useful information with searchable documents, letters and news articles. Google sorts everything messy and provides a useful and credible information.

Google is now starting to attack the mobile world with its proposed acquisition of AdWeb and Teracent. These additions to the Google family puts Google in a furious rivalry with Apple over mobile search capabilities. The only real competition that Google is up against is within the social media here have facebook a serious lead.


Google's first motto was "Seek and you shall find." Perhaps it should now be revised to "Search Google and you will surely find." There is no doubt that Google will remain at the forefront of their industry in a very long time.


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