MobileMe Mail Beta Program brings iPad-like UI

Apple launched its MobileMe Mail beta program with a revised user interface that seems to be IPAD-inspired. MobileMe is Apple's subscription-based service that allows you to synchronize mail, contacts, pictures and other things to cloud servers. New features and performance has been added to MobileMe Mail client. MobileMe subscribers need to request an invitation to participate in opt-in beta program.

MobileMe subscribers can sign up for opt-in beta program, please log in to MobileMe and click on "Order an invitation". Thereafter, the user must wait for an e-mail to get started. The new MobileMe Mail interface has a widescreen display with three columns / windows now. Users can also define their own mail box rules to keep your inbox clean and smooth. As you type emails, the new toolbar Formatting be quite handy.

Apart from the new features, Apple has also improved performance Mail interface and argue that it loads faster. Apple also said it has increased security with Secured Socket Layer protection, while access to the account from Mac, PC, IPAD iPhone or iPod Touch.


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