Samsung will sell 35 million. TV in 2010

TV viewers must choose Samsung, and it must do 35 million times in 2010.

The South Korean electronics giant has set a target to sell 35 million LCD flat-screen TV in years, including 10 million of LED model, where small baggrundslysdioder ensures a sharper image and lower power consumption. Additionally, sold four million plasma screens.

Analysts believe that the whole will be a growth of 30 percent in foorhold to 2009, as Samsung has not yet published figures.

LED televisions are more than ten percent of Samsung's total LCD sales in 2009.

Samsung also announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas - the world's largest fair for consumer electronics - the world's first HDTV programming shop where you can buy and download software from the news and games for Twitter and Blockbuster movie rental on select Samsung models.



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