How do I turn off the HDMI audio to the TV?

I'm either missing something or its not possible.

I have a Samsung B540 TV and a Sony S350 BD player. I have an older receiver in which I need to use Optical audio. I have the audio output priority of the BD player set to Coaxial/Optical, but am still getting audio to the TV speakers too through the HDMI.

I've gone through every aspect of the settings menus on both devices and see nothing giving me the option to turn off HDMI audio to the TV.

Is it possible or do I just have to turn the TV volume down each time I want to play a disk?


  • I have a Sharp 52LE700UN and there is an option on my TV menu called HDMI setup and it gives me the option to disable based on signal recognition. So I'm guessing if I disable it, I disable both audio and video. There isn't an option for one of the other. For me, I just have the volume on mute.
  • I have a Samsung TV and there's an audio option to disable the TV's speakers. That's what I did so that my receiver is the only thing that receives an audio signal. Like you, I use HDMI for video and optical for audio.


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