Review Nokia 5230

When touchscreen handsets start to take over the lower segment of the market you know the rules of the game have changed. The Nokia 5230 is a smartphone but it does reduce Rubbing shoulders with the common run of handsets. So, it's free to explore grounds where few smartphones have ever gone, let alone full touchscreen gadgets.

The country of affordability was the last territory in touchscreen phones two settle in and not quite the place smartphones would call home. So it was, but Nokia just will not wait for a special invitation when a niche is wide open. And they've got quite a fleet of already low-key touch-screen smartphones that's certain two make an impact. The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Had a great bang for the buck and the 5230 is welcome to try and beat the bargain.

Cheap is nice but free is even better - and we guess the 5230 will be available both ways through retail stores and carriers. But let's see what it has and what's been left out.


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