Analyst: Google Nexus One proposes sales records

It is predicted already that Google Nexus One will be the best selling Android mobile with sales up to 6 million alone in 2010. It would make it more popular than among other HTC Hero.

Google Nexus One has been for sale for a week now in the U.S. and is predicted to be a great sales success, especially since Google itself is responsible for sales and advertising of the phone.

Anyway evaluate analyst Doug Anmuth from Barclays Capital, the Nexus One will be sold for up to 6 million copies only in 2010. It will make it the best selling Android mobile SAYS.

In comparison, it is expected that the total mobile sales at, for example Sony Ericsson and Motorola will land somewhere between 10-12 million copies.

However, there is much super-seller up to the iPhone, which is expected to be sold 30 million copies in 2010.


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