Christmas 2009: Nokia 7310 Supernova dedicated to AC Milan

Introducing the brand Nokia 7310 Supernova dedicated to all fans Milan. If this Christmas 2009 gift do not know that your father, Your boyfriend, one of your best friends or to the head and if by chance the recipient is male but also female, your gift of love to the madness Technology. In particular application to mobile phones, and it 'also a fan of AC Milan, Nokia solve our problems. The company most 'famous throughout the world as regards mobile phones, offers us his Nokia 7310 Supernova Milan.

The Nokia 7310 Supernova takes on the Rossoneri colors, in a 'Special edition dedicated precisely to Milan, present with its historical logo on the cover of this phone. Not only that inside the phone, in memory, you already 'saved' logos and Images To customize the most of your phone.

As regards'Technological equipment, however, the Nokia 7310 Supernova Milan Special Edition includes a 2MP camera, radio, MP3 player and more 'curiosities' techniques. At a cost of 169 euros.

For the launch of phone, 3 to 10 December 2009, will 'auction model autographed by some champions Milan participating in the sale on the official website of the football team, also participate in the project of solidarity' of Fondazione Milan. Which is costruento a sports facility adjacent to a nursery school straw stones, Aquila.


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