"Windows 7 is antiquated technology" Word of Apple

You knew. The snow leopard was there, crouched, ready to deliver a fatal blow when the prey was passed. Prey, Windows 7Has arrived and the dreaded Irbis, AppleHas done so to promptly launch its digs to the poison.

«Windows 7 continues to be Windows, built on antiquated technology"Thundered Brian Croll, Vice President of Product Marketing Mac OS X, Adding that "because of the impossibility of update XP to Windows 7 directly, many users will have to change computers, and many will opt to buy a Mac».

Probably several things are true, but good Croll forgot to say that Snow Leopard remains Mac OS XNo more than an update of Leopard to be precise.

Anyway, the big shot Apple continued its flood of statements against Seven asserting that "is still too complex, too expensive and too unsafe in the update. Besides - Added the manager -- the system does not include basic applications such as those for the IM or photo management».

Perhaps not know that you were just Windows users to push Microsoft remove many unnecessary frills from its OS. Indeed, as pointed out Ashley Highfield (one who works on the upper floors of the company to Steve Ballmer) In an interview, "Windows 7 has been developed following all the advice came by the user. " Here, perhaps not everyone, but some do. We have to admit.

On the question of the innovations in the system, Highfield we took to respond to Brian Croll, saying that "Seven is a crucial turning point in the history of WindowsNot just a jumble of little use new features. Here, as you see, the statements could not be wasted pressures, but we understand them. Will also billionaires in dollars, but so 'guys, so' boys!


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