iPhone, reached 100,000 approved applications

It seemed impossible that the number of iPhone applications could reach a similar number, given the previous statistics, but apparently the very broad range of applications already approved, and the increasing demand for applications by users have developed very much want to do and the imagination of developers, who have contributed to an extraordinary milestone: Approved 100,000 applications for iPhone.

Despite Apple has not yet issued a statementYou can read the tally in real time on an unofficial directory AppShopper. At the time of writing, counting apps arrived at 101.862. One might wonder how many applications really usefulAnd how many are instead all those applications have a very simple but degree of usefulness or near zero.

The great work of developers is still undisputed, given also the enormous growth in recent months has passed 65,000 applications from August to 100,000 today. And you, what do you think? How many, of the 100,000 applications are really useful, and what exactly has changed from 65,000 ques'estate? Await your opinions in the comments.

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