Text Messages disappeared from my Blackberry

I am posting about a problem I was facing with my Blackberry. After a few months of spending nearly every waking minute on your Blackberry device, there will come a time where you will open up your message folder and realize that they have all disappeared. When that happens, you're probably thinking, "Whathe heck?! Where did all my text messages go? That's it, I'm getting an iPhone!"

I was really worried about my text messages, where they gone? I don't know I'll be able to get back or not? Then my problem got solved and I found the solution. Don't worry though! That is a normal feature that is built into Blackberrys to help clear up some memory. There's a few things you can do to resolve that issue and even prevent it from happening again.

The Battery Pull
The best way to clear up your memory is by doing a battery pull. All you have to do is take the back off the phone, remove the battery for a few seconds, then place it back in the phone. This clears out all the gunk that has accumulated since the last time you've done it, and will prevent your phone from automatically deleting messages. If you haven't had a chance to check out QuickPull yet, check out this REVIEW of it. It's a great app that will really help with the text message deletion problem.

The Memory Card Option
Doing a battery pull is only a temporary fix of the problem. The best thing you can do is start to funnel all your pictures, videos, voice recordings, etc, to a memory card. The reason your phone will delete your messages is because it is running low on memory. It clears them all out so you will have the memory to run other applications. The best solution to prevent this from happening any further is to purchase a memory card if you don't have one already and setting up your phone to automatically save all the pictures, videos, voice notes, etc, to that memory card. This will keep your phone's memory clear as the day is long for all those tons of text messages and emails you get throughout the day. If you've already have a lot of pictures and stuff saved to your phone, move them to a memory card or delete the ones you don't want, do a battery pull, and you'll be good to go.

If you follow these simple steps, your phone will no longer delete your text messages, and you won't be tempted to leave your precious Blackberry for that "other" phone. Feel free to share any other tips you may have in the comment section!


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