Difference between Skype for iPhone and Skype for BlackBerry

Skype on iPhone is truly VOIP, the connection is made over Wi-Fi just as it would connect on your PC. On the other hand Skype on BlackBerry connects to Skype's servers using a regular voice call. In other words, when you click "call" contact, it will load the 813-xxx-xxxx number (voice call) to connect with Skype servers. Obviously, this means if you travel outside the US you will be charged INTL. rates to make that connection. Not the case with Skype on iPhone.


The downside on the iPhone is that Apple instructed Skype to restrict connections to "Wi-Fi only", thus 3G connections are blocked... for now at least.

Beyond that we played with Skype on iPhone and it works great! For someone like myself who travels between the Caribbean and the US quite often, this is a great solution. Skype on BlackBerry works ok also but as said before its a lite version so not as many features and as mentioned, no connection via mobile data.

Skype for iPhone has quickly become the #1 downloaded top free app in the iTunes store in the following countries:

- US
- UK
- Holland
- France
- Italy
- Russia
- Australia
- Germany
- Spain
- Japan

It's also the #2 download in China.

Overall most users may still find Skype on Blackberry the better option since can make a call from anywhere. There's no need for a Wifi connection.


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