Nokisson - Nokia and Ericsson to form a joint venture

I never though the two giants Nokia and Ericsson can work up a joint venture . The name is quite a sizzler Nokisson ready to make PSP Phone.

The venture may be shocking news for some of mobile manufacturer but can be good and productive step from both companies for the mobile user.

This is look like as that Sony Ericsson joint venture in dangioure and its just my thought and my analysis…..may be i am on wrong side but its look like as. This announcement was made by the CEO Oli-Pekka Kallasvuo and Ericsson boss, Carl-Henric Svanberg.


Also, Ericsson is demoing today, during CTIA, their brand new HSPA connectivity, reaching 56 Mbps and ready to be implemented on the first Nokisson devices, coming this summer. Let us remind you that Ericsson sold it share to the folks of Sony, who were glad to split the company and finally be able to announce the PSP Phone. anyway it's prank... ;)


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