Skype mobile application available on iPhone from tomorrow

Ebay’s Skype will be announcing the availability of it’s VoIP application on Apple’s iPhone at CTIA in Vegas tomorrow. The app, which will be available for download tomorrow as well, will be coming to Blackberry devices by May.

The world-renowned VoIP app, which is now responsible for roughly 8% of all international voice calls, will integrate directly into iPhone users contact lists. It will carry all of Skypes usual functions, with the exception of video calls. Skype has said that video calls on handsets is something it’s seriously considering releasing in the future, depending on how high the quality would be.

The application will also work on iPod Touch devices that have a microphone - which most of them do since 2008.

What we think?

This is pretty much the app that everyone has been waiting for. The most usable VoIP app in the world available on the most usable handset. Those who harp on about “free” voice calls aren’t exactly right though. The cost has just been moved sideways, from the voice tariff to the data tariff. So for those who have access to reasonable data plans, Skype is probably cheaper than their regular voice plan. But it’s by no means free. The data plan that I’ve got here in Ireland, for example, would be cripplingly expensive for extended Skype use. The largest savings here will be seen on international calls, but with new legislations forcing the cost of regular roaming down, it remains to be seen how long that saving will remain substantial.

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