Google's new Google Voice; what will be the future of VoIPs?

Google's new Google Voice has a few rough edges but -- for many users -- it could be a life changing experience.

The service, which is a relaunch of GrandCentral that Google bought in 2007, allows you to choose a local number which will simultaneously ring up to six phones such as your cell phone, home phone, office phone and the phone at that vacation home that most of us can only dream about. In addition to forwarding your calls, it also takes voice messages that you can listen to on the web, from a phone or read thanks to a new feature that transcribes voice messages and sends them as email and text messages.

If you have multiple phones, having a single number to reach them all can make you and your callers' lives a bit easier and it can save space on your business card by not having to list separate numbers. The concept is simple: people are trying to reach you -- not one of your phones -- and Google Voice lets you decide how to route the calls.

The simultaneous ring feature can also be used by groups. Team HOPE, a support network for families of missing children, gives callers a GrandCentral number that rings the phones of several staff members to be sure calls are always answered.

I've been using a very similar "simulring" feature on Vonage for several years and like the fact that I get to control where my calls are forwarded. Both Google and Vonage let your configure forwarding from the web but Google also allows you to assign a temporary forwarding number directly from the phone. That could come in handy if you suddenly find your cell phone out of range but have access to another number where you can be reached.

I am afraid that what will be the future of VoIPs like Vopium, Jajah, Truphone and others....???

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