SMobile Security Shield for your mobile

SMobile Security Shield offers the market-leading anti-virus/anti-malware product, VirusGuard, along with anti-spam and firewall features, combined in a single easy-to-use application. Subscription-based licensing entitles the user to one year of automatic, OTA virus definition updates, with seamless license transfer (when moving to a new device) as well as automatic, over-the-air application updates. Security Shield has been certified and selected for use by large enterprises and carriers around the world, and included on new devices from major device manufacturers.

GET IT HERE: SMobile Security Shield for Windows : Version 7.0.97

SMobile’s sole business focus is mobile security, and we offer the widest mobile OS platform coverage available in the market today.

VirusGuard features:

Real-time monitor scan any file received at the device, regardless of the transfer mechanism (email, SMS/MMS, Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared, or desktop sync)

Virus definitions are downloaded automatically over-the-air, via your device Internet connection (HTTP over GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, or UMTS) Full logging of scan and detection activity

Autoboot upon device restart No significant battery drain, proven in benchmark tests with major carriers and device manufacturers

Anti-spam features:

Prevents interruptions and unwanted messages, with automatic call and SMS filtering via whitelists and blacklists , Contacts import feature ,Convenient Auto-Add feature for blacklisting of rejected calls/messages ,Spam folder for unwanted messages, Full logging of blocked calls and messages

Firewall Features:

Easy to configure for Low or High filtering levels, Automatic monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic, allowing or disallowing traffic to or from URL’s and/or ports ,User-controlled alerts, Full logging of changes to security levels and information about filtered data/packets

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