Protect your phone with the Smartphone version of Airscanner’s award winning anti-virus

Airscanner® Mobile Antivirus for Windows Mobile Smartphone is the Smartphone version of Airscanner’s award winning anti-virus for the Pocket PC. Airscanner® is the world’s market leader in Windows Mobile security software. Our user base steadily grows by over 1,000 new users every day – almost entirely by word of mouth!

GET IT HERE: Airscanner Mobile Antivirus [MS Smartphone] : Version 2.96

Airscanner® team members have led the field in embedded security research. We were the first company to analyze and release an antivirus signature update for CE.Dust, the first ever Windows Mobile virus. We were also the first company to provide a detailed tutorial on reverse engineering Brador, the first Trojan horse to infect Pocket PCs. We also have authored the #1 bestselling technical security book (Security Warrior, O’Reilly, 2004) and the #1 bestselling wireless security book (Maximum Wireless Security, SAMS, 2003).

Airscanner® members have spoken on Windows Mobile security at every major security conference, including RSA, CSI, NetSec, Blackhat, Planet 802.11, Defcon, and many more. Over 10 million technical users per year read our weekly network security articles for Pearson Education.

We hope that you will trust us to help protect your mobile devices.

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