JSJ Antivirus for Pocket PC

JSJ Antivirus offers superior protection from today’s viruses aswell as free wireless updates to guarantee protection from future viruses.

GET IT HERE: JSJ Antivirus : Version 1.1

JSJ Antivirus quickly scans for and removes all known Windows Mobile Viruses.

Wireless Updates. Whenever a new virus threatens your device, new virus definitions can be downloaded wirelessly from within JSJ Antivirus.

System Information. JSJ Antivirus displays important system information.

Background Scan. JSJ Antivirus protects against viruses in the background as well as manually, so you always know your device is secure.

Windows Mobile 5. JSJ Antivirus is fully compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and square screen devices, like the HP iPAQ hw6940 and Palm Treo 700w.

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