eSpell for the BlackBerry

eSpell is an integrated spellchecker for the BlackBerry platform providing fast, accurate and reliable spell checking of your e-mails and documents.

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It is designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable spelling in any e-mail or document by detecting misspelled words and suggesting correct spelling alternatives. eSpell? is flexible and expandable: you can add specialized dictionaries to your personal dictionary at any time. Additionally, eSpell? works in the entire range of languages supported by BlackBerryR.

eSpell? ensures perfect spelling in every document, every time:

  • supports spell checking of e-mails and documents regardless of wireless coverage availability.
  • is surprisingly easy to use. A simple click on the Check Spelling item in the drop down menu enables you to spell check the entire e-mail or document. eSpell? will instantly detect misspelled words and suggest correct spelling alternatives. Scroll down the offered list, correct spelling right on the spot, and proceed with your work.
  • combines outstanding performance and the reliability of a device-based spellchecker with the resources and flexibility of wireless server-based version. Users can choose to use either device-based or server-based spellchecking, complemented with the ability to download new specialty spellcheckers, such as Medical, Law, Engineering, Applied Science, etc.
  • is far more comprehensive than any other spell checker on the market. eSpell? supports the entire range of languages that BlackBerry is currently available in. New languages could be added and users can switch between them at will.

eSpell? is a valuable addition to eOffice? package and another must have for mobile professionals.

Note: The eSpell principal functionality is based on the spelling dictionaries included in the package. Purchasing of eSpell package implies the right to choose during the installation process one spelling dictionary for immediate use, for example Spanish. Later on or right away, you can supplement this with other specialty and foreign-language spelling dictionaries. To make your choice among add-on spelling dictionaries, click on the dictionary name below or view the complete list of titles by DynoPlex Inc.

  • American English General Dictionary
  • British English General Dictionary
  • Canadian English General Dictionary
  • English Legal Specialty Dictionary
  • English Medical Specialty Dictionary
  • French General Dictionary
  • German General Dictionary
  • Italian General Dictionary
  • Spanish General Dictionary


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