SMS Eraser for BlackBerry


SMS Eraser - SMS Erase allows you to send self-destructing text and pictures to anyone. Manage and create groups for regular or destructing texts. Protect your SMSs from being saved forever.



SMS Eraser is a self-destructing text messaging (SMS) application that allows Blackberry users to send self-destructing text messages that can be programmed to self-destruct after a set amount of time (i.e. 15 seconds) or vanish after a set number of views (1 or 2 views). Once a message self-destructs, the message is gone from both the sending and receiving cell phones. Users of the application can also send pictures and photos to others that will self-destruct at a predetermined time.

Additionally, the text messages and pictures are very difficult to print, save or copy. In addition to the self-destructing feature the self-destructing SMS application offers group texting, emoticons and organizational tools such as the ability to create groups

SMS Eraser’s text messaging is ideal for individuals and businesses that rely on text messaging (SMS) protocols to share confidential, sensitive and personal information. In today’s global cyber-economy, instant messaging security has become a serious liability concern. The text messaging application provides a ‘Cone of Silence’ to protect both individual and business personal and confidential information. Read More


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