Prestigio MultiPad PMP3074B and PMP3084B have full access to the Android Market

Prestigio company announced a new firmware for the devices MultiPad 3-Series - PMP3074B and PMP3084B, where it opens access to the official app store company Google - Android Market - and replace the previous shop AppsLib.

In addition, the new firmware, as the developers say, expands the parameters of localization devices and eliminates the previously observed failure in some games. Thanks to support technologies Over the Air PMP3074B PMP3084B and will automatically find updates for existing applications and offer to download new system software. Before installing the new firmware Prestigio strongly recommends that you back up all data.

Multimedia Devices MultiPad third series PMP3074B and PMP3084B - the most affordable gadgets for Android in the range of products Prestigio. MultiPad PMP3084B equipped with touch screen with a diagonal of 8.4 "and runs on ARM9 processor clocked at 660 MHz. MultiPad PMP3074B equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, DSP-controlled video accelerator and ARM9 processor with a frequency of 600 MHz. Both devices are equipped with 4 GB internal, 256 MB RAM.

Suggested retail price is 4444 rubles PMP3074B, cost PMP3084B - 6490 rubles. Firmware can be downloaded by connecting the device to the Internet using Wi-Fi, or on product pages on the official site Prestigio.


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