The new version of "Progorod" - a system with the budget, "mirror" the service

The company "Sidikov Navigation" announced the expansion of functional navigation system "Progorod" The new version of software available, including for platform Android, there was a beta version of the warning system traffic jams "Progorod Jam".

This system, as its creators claim, is currently the most budget where the cost of traffic necessary to obtain data on traffic jams via GPRS, not exceeding 50 cents per hour (based on the calculation - 50 kilobytes of traffic).

As noted in the company, data on traffic jams for the beta version of the service "Progorod Jam" provided by partners of the company "Sidikov Navigation" - logistics companies, taxis and telematic services. Daily painting movement in the cities and their surroundings is formed on the data from GPS-units with two-way established for more than 100 thousand cars. In addition, information about the situation with congestion is transferred to the company's servers' Sidikov Navigation "about 170 thousand users" Progorod ", set them on their devices (smart phones and navigators).


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