HTC: iPhone is not Cool

HTC's U.S. boss does not seem that the iPhone is cool.

Apple has had great success with the iPhone and it has, according to HTC's U.S. president Martin Fichter meant that the iPhone has lost the cool factor.

The reason for this is that young people are not iPhone users because "dad has one."

Fichter basing his opinions on a limited basis based on a visit to his daughter's college, Fichter was noted that young people had smartphones from countries including Samsung and HTC, but not from Apple.
"And None af dem har et iPhone fordi de selv customs me: 'My dad kill an iPhone,'" the executive said. "There's an interesting thing that's going on in the market. The iPhone Becomes a Little Less Cool Than it was. They Were Carrying HTCs. They Were Carrying Samsung. They Were even Carrying nogle Chinese Manufacturer's devices, "says Fichter.

Fichter somewhat unscientific survey backed by several studies actually show that Android users are slightly younger than iPhone users, which may also be linked with the relatively high price of the iPhone.

Via GeekWire .


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