SEO Friendly Shopping Cart Software

Web stores are usually much harder to optimize then regular websites. The main reason for that is that most websites are custom while web stores use ready script. That's because web store script, let's call it shopping cart software from now on, has to be much more functional then regular website and the administrator should have full control over the store. Due to that fact, most shopping carts on the market today use dynamic URLs which are practically impossible for search engine spider to crawl correctly.

These scripts often use single meta data for all of their pages and each page has very little or even no text at all. This kills almost all chances of ranking high in the search engines. So which shopping cart software is search engine friendly? We will take a look at two shopping carts that are in our opinion much more search engine friendly then the rest in the market.

AbleCommerce Shopping Cart Software

AbleCommerce is very good shopping cart software written in ASP.NET. It is easy enough for beginners and flexible enough for web developers. It has most of the features you will need and it is easy to customize because it uses templates. These features all pretty much standard on all major shopping carts however Ablecommerce is much more search engine friendly. Especially because of its URL re-writing feature. You can assign separate meta data for each category (although not perfect, it is better then the same meta tags for all pages of the site). So don't wait get FREE 30 days trial copy of AbleCommerce Shopping Cart Software.


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