New eReader from Pandigital

Pandigital Launches Novel Personal eReader for the U.S. market. Built-in WiFi, access to Barnes & Nobles eBookstore and a lightweight design are the main attractions.

Pandigital has apparently learned from the teething problems at their first attempt to create an eBooks, Pandigital Novel, and the new shoots on the trunk, Novel Personal eRader, looks on paper something more interesting.

First and foremost, work on the design: Pandigital has chosen to focus on the ultra mobile and Novel Personal eReader weighs only approx. 250 grams and is equipped with a 6 inch screen and boasts a battery that can handle 6,000 pages (which incidentally is not very telling. It will probably depend on how fast you read?)

In addition, work on screen. Pandigital first eBooks got severe blow not to have a decent touch-screen, and now has completely changed technology Sipex / AUO instead of LCD.

Pandigital Novel Staff eRader have built access to Barnes & Noble's eBookstore, but in addition it has built in WiFi and can also be used as a mini-tablet / smartphone for web browsing, email, etc.
There are also built-in speaker and headphone jack.

Recommended retail price in the U.S. $ 200, -. Here it comes to competing with both Kindle, Nook and Augens GenTouch series.


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