Future Computers

There have been many changes took place within computer technology over the past few years, so many that if you went out and bought the best on the market right now, it can be guaranteed to expect that it is a near obsolete with in 12 months . You do not think very long back , it 's not much more than 20 years ago that we let ourselves fascinated by computer graphics with some of the first game machines. Today, most children be bored immeasurably if they were set to play the game we had. The response time from the keyboard was slow compared to what we see today , and the graphics were poor compared to the approximate realistic images can often be seen on screens in 2010. Joystick had only just been launched commercially , and although they would not be worth anything for today's serious gamers.

Computers that can be checked using a hint or a nod can seem like something from a Sci -Fi movies, but requests for patents on this sort of motion detection software , is seen with increasing frequency. So who knows how much it would entail? Microsoft has developed a system based around the same concept as Wii. Where the movement of the controller replicated on the screen so the user will be able to play games like tennis or bowling with their hand movements . Microsoft call their new system Natal Project , it will be an addition to Xbox 360 console. It works via a small strip located in front of the TV screen or monitor, which captures the player's movements with sensors and cameras. These movements then copied onto the screen. This eliminates the need for the handheld controller.

But it's not just graphics and control systems that have been advanced . The computer hardware is as experienced a huge development in terms of updates and improvements over the years, and more likely to occur. Notebooks are designed smaller and slimmer than ever before, which obviously makes them better able to live up to their name.

A design concept is Tangent Bay portable . This design resembles a bi- portable , but differs because it has several smaller screens in the area above the keyboard. The idea behind this was to enable the user to have many windows open at once , perfect for multitasking , without blocking the one monitor with many open windows and tabs .

What about a laptop that can be rolled up and put away? It is perhaps a little bit tried , but then again , would the idea of sitting at home and be able to talk to several people from around the world did not seem equally sought 20 years ago, and now we have chat rooms, social networking sites and instant Messaging to entertain us. Rolltop PC is still at design stage because there has not yet found a screen that is flexible enough. The idea behind it is that it would be ideal for those who are on the move since it would be much more portable than a standard laptop.

Prime laptops is an ideal notebook for serious gamers. Again, still just a design idea, Prime consists of six flaps (or wings), which contains three screens. A wing is home to the keyboard and the other two have shiny surface, which is where the electronics are stored. Its design makes it possible to be configured in several ways like a Transformer toy .

If computers have come so far in only 20 years, so it is only imagination sets limits to how advanced we will be after another 20?


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