Shame Rost game series lands on the PS3

Are you the owner of a PS3? Check. Do you play on and on? Check. Do you enjoy a good gaming experience with a gripping story and sublime gameplay? Check. See it represents very well - if you agree with these postulates. Then we have for some good news to tell you, look for inside.

The issue is whether a single version of the game series 'God of War', which lands on the PlayStation 3 soon. God of War 1 & 2 were in his time developed for PS2, and as you know, so kicking the newer PS3s out when attempting playback of PS2 games. Therefore, Sony now launched a pack, or 'God of War Collection', with the two old PS2 games and the brand new 'God of War 3 "for PS3.

Game series has gained fame and honor, and are among the most popular in the PlayStation universe. The fact is that the game is developed exclusively by Sony, and therefore only possible to play if you own a PS2/PS3. God of War 3 is already released for PS3, but this Collection edition is to say, only on the stairs. It is addressed especially to new PS3 owners who have not yet become acquainted with the first two games of the series.

God of War 1, 2 and 3 have all gained over 90% of which is a page that brings together all the English / American reviews of games, and calculates the average here. This means that all three games in the series has managed to get over 9 / 10 on average - impressive.

The package lands in stores on 28 April 2010 for a RRP price of 670 crowns. To set foot water running, we have found a trailer of God of War 3 below.


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