PS3 sheep free 3D update summer

Stays with you PlayStation 3 games console and dreaming of playing in 3D, then you're among the lucky. Sony confirmed for Friday morning that all versions of the console can be updated to show 3D Full HD (1080p) using a simple software update, which in all probability be sent out this summer, when the 3D flat screens are expected on the market.

Technically what happens is that Sony changes on the console, so the HDMI output adopts those parts of the HDMI 1.4 standard, which has to do 3D. This makes the console able to display two video streams in HD - a left and a right eye. It can only do so because of the powerful Cell processor in the console.

Sony's 3D technology is based on "active shutter" technology, which requires that the player, flat screen and 3D glasses talking. It thus require new television and a set of glasses if you are a Playstation owner will use 3D options.


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