New weather forecast for iPhone App from DMI

I follow some of the to know what is happening in the Apple world.

Yesterday there was some good news: DMI has made an app (application) for iPhone, So you can easily access the weather forecasts. Since the iPhone has a built-in GPS, it is extremely easy to find out how the weather will be right where you are. Below you order a 2-day forecast for Copenhagen and environs. The application I think I - and many others - will get to spend much of it is somewhat easier than trying to see weather in the iPhone's native browser, Apple's Safari.

Price: Free.

Maybe you've thought about how I have made an image of the iPhone screen? Do you think it is available with a camera and then take a picture? Well - I found the solution to the network on a day when I was looking for something quite different.

You make a dump / screenshot / image by briefly pressing home and power button simultaneously - voila, then you have a picture on the camera roll of what you see in the iPhone. Camera rolling, Apple has even allowed us to see users in the standard fashion with the pathfinder. Oh what comfort.


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